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Citrus County is located on the Gulf of Mexico on the west side of the Florida Peninsula, directly across from Daytona Beach. Created in 1887 from the northern part of Hernando County, it was named for its citrus groves. After the “Big Freeze” of 1894-95, citrus production declined rapidly. Currently, only one citrus grove exists in the county. The first county seat was Mannfield, but it was moved to Inverness in 1891. The county has a total area of 773 square miles, of which nearly 25% is covered by water.

There are numerous coastal islands that are uninhabited or sparsely inhabited which can only be accessed by boat. As of the 2010 census, the population was 141,236, more than one-third of which were senior citizens. Because of the number of aging residents, health care is the largest occupation in the county.

The Citrus County Detention Facility is located at 2604 W. Woodland Ridge Drive, Lecanto, Florida 34461. It is run by Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), a private corrections management service. CCA has been in charge of the facility since 1995. In addition to serving Citrus County, the facility also houses inmates from the US Marshals Service and the US Virgin Islands. Up to 760 male and female inmates are housed here. Use the website to find a Florida inmate in this jail.

To visit an inmate housed in the facility, you must first be approved. The inmate must mail you a visitation application, which you will be required to complete and mail back to the facility. A background check will be conducted, and the inmate will be informed if a person is approved for visitation. It is the inmate’s responsibility to let you know if you have been approved. A detailed visitation guide is provided on the website. The schedule is based on the inmate’s classification. Visits must be scheduled 24 hours in advance, and visitors must arrive 30 minutes before the appointment time. For more information about an inmate or visitation rules and scheduling, call the facility at 352-527-3332.

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Citrus County Detention Facility – Address: 2604 WEST WOODLAND RIDGE DRIVE LECANTO FL 34461

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RT @FLGovScott: I met with students who came up from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High today. I look forward to putting out my proposal on Frid… SheriffCitrus photo
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RT @NWSNHC: The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season is just 100 days away. Do you have your hurricane plan? #hurricanep SheriffCitrus photo
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@CRHS_Pirates baseball players don't mess around when it comes to distracted driving....and neither should you! #JustDriveCitrus #CCSO #CRHS @CitrusSchools SheriffCitrus photo
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We are honored to protect all of our students in Citrus County.
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RT @FFS_Withlacooch: Florida Forest Service will be conducting a 760 acre Prescribed Fire in the Citrus Tract near Holder Mine Campground,… SheriffCitrus photo

Citrus County Sheriff's Office

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Citrus County Sheriff's Office
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Citizens Academy explosives demonstration - our students LOVED IT!
Citrus County Sheriff's Office
Citrus County Sheriff's Office
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Captain Dave Vincent of CCSO’s Hazardous Devices Team explains the ins and outs of this specialty team to the Citizens Academy.
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Deputy Behnen and K-9 Krennic show our Citizens Academy students what it’a like for the bad guy!
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Citrus County Sheriff's Office
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Happening Now!! Week 6 of CCSO’s Citizens Academy! Citrus County high school students and community members are learning about our specialty units - K-9, Hazardous Devices Team, Aviation, Marine Unit, Dive Team and Specialty Weapons and Tactics.
Citrus County Sheriff's Office
Citrus County Sheriff's Office14 hours ago
A Message from the Sheriff

It is the responsibility of the Sheriff to be conservators of the peace in their counties, which includes actively advocating for security on our school campuses. In addition, it’s our job to make security decisions, based on professional judgment and that’s exactly what we have done and will continue to do, alongside our partners at the Citrus County School District.

We completely understand the fear and panic that grips our country right now in the wake of the Parkland tragedy. Parents and students are apprehensive and vocal about campus safety. As we have said many times, the CCSO, along with officials of the Citrus County School District take all threats at schools very seriously, and we investigate them thoroughly to determine the validity of each threat.

We can confidently say that every bit of information that we have received thus far regarding a threat at any of our district schools has been either unsubstantiated and or appropriate measures have been taken by our agency and the school district on a case-by-case basis.

Unfortunately, in the world we live in now, everything and anything is on social media. School safety is an extremely sensitive issue and sharing false information on social media – by parents and or students – is not helping our investigators, but hindering their efforts. We’ve come across a few instances where false information has been shared on social media, stirring panic in our community, therefore creating difficulties with tracking down possible threats. Subsequently, we’re finding out that these claims are not even in our county.

We continue to say to you, if you “see something, or hear something - say something”. If you receive any concerning texts, emails, or social media posts about a threat at a school in our county, we ask that you immediately call 9-1-1 rather than escalating rumors by sharing them on social media. React quickly and call and let us do our jobs and investigate. Prompt reporting makes it much easier to trace the information to its source and determine whether there is, in fact, an issue.

Parents - please talk with your children about not sharing texts or social media posts that use language such as “I heard,” or “apparently,” or “don’t go to school” – please talk with your children about passing information along to law enforcement if they hear or see firsthand a person threatening to hurt someone.

The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office has been working tirelessly to ensure public safety in and around our schools. Our agency is in favor of any and all actions necessary to keep the students of Citrus County safe. If that is expanding the number of school resource officers, conducting more active shooter drills, or facilitating additional enhancements in our schools – then that is exactly what we will do. However, it has to be a collaborative effort and we need your support in protecting our children. We are proud of our partnerships with the school system and are passionately committed to keeping your children safe.

Our ultimate goal is to make sure parents are sending their children to schools that are safe. The same goes for students - they shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not an armed lunatic is going to come into their schools and open fire.

While there are those who want to unnecessarily and irresponsibly ignite fear and apprehension among others, we are doing all we can to protect the safety and well-being of all students, teachers, parents and residents. We are a strong community and will not succumb to fear.

My team and I remain proud to serve and we’re focused on this mission at hand. We will continue to be engaged with school district leadership and our elected officials on this matter as we work out the next steps in this process.

Yours in Service,
Mike Prendergast, Sheriff