Florida Department of Corrections Incarceration Process- Operations


You must be wondering how life works inside the prison and what things become a part of everyday life.  Below are some of the things you can expect when you get confined at a Florida Department of Corrections facility.


These are items that you don’t want the officers to find in your possession.  Contraband items are the ones that aren’t approved and allowed to be in your possession.  Specifics of what are considered as contraband are stipulated at Florida Administrative Code, Rule 33-602.203. Possession of contraband can lead to disciplinary actions against you.

Discipline & Count Procedures

During your entire incarceration term, you are closely monitored and everything you do is accounted for through an accounting system that the facility maintains.  It is best to abide by all the rules while within the premises to avoid any disciplinary actions and penalties that are mentioned in Rule 33-601.314 if the Florida Administrative Code.

Meals and Canteen Services

You are provided three meals per day through the facility canteen, where identical trays of food are prepared that you just pick up when it’s your turn.  If you have a special diet to follow, this can be granted upon approval of the Medical Team.  There are set rules to follow while having dinner at the dining hall, and here are some of the prohibited actions while dining:

       Talking to co-inmates

       Double claims of meals

       Cutting the line

       Disobeying a designated seating arrangement (if any)

       Skipping or saving seats for co-inmates

       Bringing the canteen utensils outside the hall

       Leaving uncleaned eating area and utensils

       Purchasing/claiming food for co-inmates

       Claiming food with no ID/Badge

Inmate Banking

While in custody of the Florida Department of Corrections, you may open up an inmate bank account where you can put your money, which can be accessed electronically.  You will be given ample information by your designated officer on how to set up your inmate bank account during the processing and orientation stage.


You may send or receive mails from the outside community, even those privileged or legal mails, after a thorough inspection conducted by the facility staff.  Should you subscribe to any publications, it is also possible to do so if the publication is included in the approved reading list.

Your Safety

The facility is aware and cares about your safety while inside the premises.  Any situations concerning your safety, make sure to notify any staff member so that an appropriate action can be done to protect you.

The Florida Department of Corrections strictly follows the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), where your welfare is protected from any sexual assault or harassment by anyone within the facility.  If you think you are a victim of this abuse, or any inmate that you know that might be suffering from it, make sure to report it to any staff member right away.  This case is taken with a high degree of importance and investigates thoroughly all reports received by the department.  There is typically several posters visible within the facility on what to do and what number to call in reporting cases such as this.

The plan of release should start now, understanding how your life will change in the next couple of days, months, or years.  This may be the hardest part of your journey in life, but holding on to the hope of a better tomorrow and to be a better person will help you get through.  With all the items discussed above, this boils down to two simple pieces of advice:  One, is communicate with the right people in the facility any concerns that you have.  And second, is to strive hard to improve your old self , for a better citizen, a promise of  re-entry to the community, sooner that you think you will.