Florida Department of Corrections Incarceration Process- Processing


Your confinement journey starts from the day you set your foot on the grounds of the Florida Department of Corrections, up to your transfer to the appropriate permanent facility. Your permanent facility would entirely depend on the results of the assessment exams that you will undertake during this period.

Upon your entry to the facility, you will be given a clear verbal and written information about the procedure that you will undergo over the next days. The staff will also conduct several assessments of you such as physical, psychological and educational exams, plus your screening on substance abuse. The staff is expected to interview you about your background information such as your education, employment, any prior criminal charges, and the like.  Your complete transparency and cooperation with the facility staff are crucial during this period to receive an effective program tailored for you.

Series of Events

Below are the items on your checklist to be completed upon your arrival to the facility

       Inmate Information Validation

       Personal property record

       Creation of your inmate bank account and transfer of your funds after account is set up

       Issuance of your DC (Department of Corrections) number

       Medical Examination

       Personal hygiene procedure (shower, haircut, and grooming)

       Issuance of state clothing

       Electronic fingerprinting step

       Issuance of your state photo ID

       Orientation of the state’s daily routine and activity

       Receipt of the written information about the reception center and the permanent facility that you will be transferred in.

       Receipt of the written and verbal procedure that covers the disciplinary, grievance, and protection.

Your Obligations and Privileges

As an inmate of the Florida Department of Corrections, you are expected to observe the rules and regulations while inside the facility.

Photo ID

  •        You must wear your photo ID at all time when inside the premises
  •        Serves as your pass for food stubs, mail claims, inmate bank access, etc.


  •        Includes outer garments and undergarments.
  •        You have to follow the regulation clothing that you have to wear in certain instances, such as making a community work outside.

Call Outs

  •        You have to comply with the call out procedure upon approval of the program supervisor in order to avoid any disciplinary actions.

Restricted Areas

  •        Do not go beyond the premises that you are only allowed to access to prevent the impression of an escape attempt.

Housing Area

  •        Your bed and housing area are accountable to you, which means that it is your responsibility to keep it clean and free for any contraband.
  •        Your area includes the bunk, mattress and locker and a certain floor area immediate to your bunk.
  •        You should report to the staff on duty any suspicious item that you find within your housing area.

Telephone Use

  •        You must ensure that you have an updated call list at all times.  Remember that the list is subject to approval by the facility staff.
  •        All approved calls that you do are collect type and can be placed through the inmate request form
  •        All calls are recorded and monitored for security purposes.