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Polk County is located in central Florida, between Orlando and Tampa. Its eastern boundary is formed by the Kissimmee River. The population, as of the 2010 census, was 602,095. The county was named for James K. Polk, the 11th President of the United States, when it was established in 1861. The total area is 2,011 square miles, making it the fifth-largest county in the state. While the largest city is Lakeland, the county seat is Bartow. The largest industries in the county are tourism, phosphate mining, and agriculture. The most important agricultural products are citrus, honey, beef, and blueberries. Polk County is the top citrus producer in the state.

The Department of Detention, under the supervision of the Sheriff’s Office, is responsible for the operation of the two jail facilities in the county. The oldest facility is the Central County Jail, located at 2390 Bob Phillips Road, Bartow, Florida 33830, constructed in 1985 and expanded in 1988. It houses a maximum of 800 adult and juvenile male and female inmates. All mail for inmates, regardless of where they are housed, should be addressed to this location. For information about this jail, call 863-534-6123. To schedule a visit with an inmate here, call 863-534-6153.

The newest and largest facility, the South County Jail, is located at 1103 US Hwy. 98 West, Frostproof, Florida 33843. It opened in 2000, and was expanded in 2010 to house 1,775 adult male inmates. For information about this facility, call 863-635-6920. Video visitation is scheduled on a first come, first served basis onsite.

Also located in the county is the Polk Correctional Institution, under the direction of the Florida Department of Corrections. This facility, built in 1978, houses up to 1,208 adult male inmates. The Institution is located at 10800 Evans Road, Polk City, Florida 33868. To inquire about an inmate or visitation, call 863-984-2273, or visit the Department of Corrections website.

A second state-run facility in Polk County, the Avon Park Correctional Institution, is located at 8100 Highway 64 East, Avon Park, Florida 33825. Established in 1957, it can house a maximum of 956 adult male inmates. For questions about visitation rules or a specific inmate, call 863-452-8801.

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Marissa Turrubiartes

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He told us that he couldn't guarantee that he could do anything since it was the middle of the night (9:45), so what is the point of being a 24 hour bond service?Nor was I informed that i needed to call after a certain time to make sure he was actually at the office since they do apparently close at a certain time despite the "24 hour" claim I thankfully don't have to deal with bonding people out of jail ever, just this first and hopefully last time, but this place was definitely of very little help and not very informative after I explained that I have not ever done anything like this. I understand the circumstance and that the person in jail did wrong, but you would think that if you are running a business you would attempt to be just a little bit more helpful, after all, I am a potential customer, not the offender!

Polk County Jail Address: 455 NORTH BROADWAY BARTOW FL 33830

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#OnThisDay May 26, 1967 - Deputy Paul A. Powell was enroute to his duty station when his vehicle was struck by a train on South Crystal Lake Dr #Lakeland. Deputy Powell died at the scene. He was 26 yrs old. #PCSO #NeverForget #WeRemember #ThinBlueLine #AHeroRememberedNeverDies https://t.co/CcLTh99WRR PolkCoSheriff photo
2 days ago
What in the what? It’s not even hurricane season! No. Just, no. https://t.co/EjyKIK2Vhb
2 days ago
From 2007-2017, there were 1,641 officers killed in the line of duty & 39% of those fatalities were traffic-related. #MoveOver
#MoverOver18 https://t.co/xp1VsrifHG
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Welcome to the OFFICIAL Florida Polk County Sheriff's Office Facebook page! We appreciate your comments and inquiries, but we ask that you keep them courteous and appropriate. Per Florida State Statute 119, your comments and your internal messages to this page, are subject to being disclosed as a public record. Please do not use this site to report crime. If you need help immediately, please call 9-1-1 in an emergency; to report a crime or to request a deputy sheriff for a non-emergency, please call our Communications Center at 863-298-6200 or toll-free 1-800-226-0344. If you have a crime tip or information about a reported or suspected crime, please email the information to tips@polksheriff.org. Thanks for visiting our page! Click here to view our full social media policy: http://bit.ly/WxjkHu
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Dear Alberto - you’re early. Hurricane seasons starts June 1st. Please go away.

If you live in or are visiting Florida this Memorial Day weekend, please stay tuned to these weather updates.

And remember: If you’re driving in inclement weather, please manually turn on your headlights, use your wipers, and do NOT drive with your hazard lights on. If you approach an area that appears to be covered in water, remember this rhyme - turn around, don’t drown. NEVER drive into a flooded patch of roadway.

Be safe, everyone. If you need us, call us. We will always answer the call. 9-1-1 in an emergency, 863-298-6200 to report crime.
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#OnThisDay May 26, 1967 - Deputy Paul A. Powell was en-route to his duty station at approximately 3:14 PM, when his vehicle was struck by a train on South Crystal Lake Drive in Lakeland. Deputy Powell died at the scene as a result of the injuries sustained during the crash. Deputy Powell was 26 years of age at the time of his death. #PCSO #NeverForget #WeRemember #ThinBlueLine #AHeroRememberedNeverDies
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Come cheer on Deputy Xavier Melton and the Florida Tarpons arena football team tonight at the RP Funding Center in Lakeland! All veterans, active duty military, and first responders get in free!

The Tarpons generously offered to have their mascot Timmy come fight crime & keep the jails secure tonight so all our deputies could attend 😍

Go Tarpons!

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You know, we get a lot of visitors at our Northeast District up in Davenport, AKA the four corners area, a lot of whom are from the UK. Something tells us this guy isn’t British.

He seriously just walked right up to the front door.

Our Instagram fans came up with some really cute captions for this photo - so let’s see what y’all got!

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Sheriff Grady Judd, Polk County Schools Superintendent Jacqueline M. Byrd, and Polk County’s Police Chiefs announced last Friday a plan to provide all Polk County Public Schools (including charter schools) with armed law enforcement officers—sheriff’s deputies and police officers—through the end of the school year (through Thursday of this week). That required deputies and police officers to station an additional 106 law enforcement officers at our schools. Here are just a few photos of deputies in schools this week.

“With the terrible tragedy that happened in Santa Fe, Texas, last week, our local school leadership and our local law enforcement leadership came together to make sure our kids would be safe through the end of the school year. Next year, armed guardians will be at all our public schools starting in the fall.” –Grady Judd, Sheriff
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Hey, would-be shoplifters…Lowe’s is fighting back against your criminal shenanigans. They’re tired of people coming in and taking their stuff without paying. Here’s a tale of two dudes: Guy and Man (actually, his name is Manuel, but Guy and Man make this story even better). Guy and Man were both arrested on May 22nd at the same Lowe’s, about five hours apart.

First, we have Guy, who was already on probation for possession of drug paraphernalia. Guy was seen concealing two flashlights and a headlamp in his britches, before shuffling out the exit. Shoplifter was LIT, yo! Couldn’t resist.

Guy was arrested, and he apologized for taking the items, which is cool…he at least has some manners. You know what else he had? Meth. And a glass pipe. Know what else he has now? A theft charge, drug and paraphernalia charges, and a violation of probation. All of that for $59.91 worth of illuminative devices. Guy told the detective that he took them because he needed to steal them to get money for food. Jobs and government assistance seem like the better option to us.

Let’s turn our attention to the other Guy…er, Man.

Man went into Lowe’s and grabbed two boxes of nails, and put them onto his flat cart. These aren’t just any nails, these are Paslode hot-dipped galvanized framing nails, and these puppies are worth $170.96! We had no idea that the production of nails was such a lucrative business.

Man concealed the nails with five bags of red mulch. He then went to the checkout counter, and paid for the red mulch and a can of Red Bull. At this point in the story, we’re wondering if those nails were red too, because there certainly seems to be a theme here.

When detectives tried to stop Man, he ran. The detectives caught him, but he resisted, and fell to the ground, which caused him to have a boo-boo on his face…which was RED. And then they reminded him of his right to remain silent, which was READ to him.

In the end, Man was charged with theft and resisting, and needed a Band-Aid. Which we gave him. Not one of those expensive Spider-Man ones, though. Just a plain old Band-Aid. Actually, it wasn’t even a Band-Aid brand. More like one of those generic adhesive bandages. And it wasn’t red.

The moral of the story: Don’t steal at Lowe’s. Or Home Depot. Or anywhere else. It’s just not cool.

#PCSO #GuyAndMan
#WeNailedMan #WeDidNotGoLightOnGuy