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Union County, with a total area of 250 square miles, is the smallest county in the state of Florida. It is located north of Gainesville, in the northeast part of the state. The population was 15,535, as of 2010. The county was created from part of Bradford County in 1921. Because the Florida Department of Corrections has several facilities in the region, it offers the largest employment opportunity in the county. The county seat is Lake Butler.

The Union County Jail is managed by the Sheriff’s Office. The capacity of the facility is 36 inmates. The address is 50 NW 1st Street, Lake Butler, Florida 32054. A limited visitation schedule is available on Thursday and Friday each week, from 1:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon. For information about an inmate, visitation rules, or jail regulations, call the jail administrator at 386-496-2501.

One of the state-run facilities in the county is Union Correctional Institution, found at 25636 NE SR-16, Raiford, Florida. The mailing address is 7819 NE 228th Street, Raiford, Florida 32026. The Union Work Camp uses the same mailing address, but the physical address is 13600 NE 258th Court in Raiford. The Institution has a long history, beginning in 1913 as a temporary stockade for ill and disabled prisoners. It was called the State Prison Farm. After many changes and construction, the current complex was constructed in 1975 and 1985. Also located here is a Death Row housing unit, built in 1992. Every level of custody is provided at the Institution. Many inmates have psychological problems. a large number of the inmates are over age 50. The Institution provides beds for 2,172 inmates, while the Work Camp, built in 21013, houses another 432. For more information, call 386-431-2000.

The Reception and Medical Center (RMC) is another state-run prison located at 7765 S. CR 231, Lake Butler, Florida 32054. The mailing address is PO Box 628. The 1,503-bed facility serves as a processing center for new male inmates, as well as providing facilities for dialysis, cancer treatment, and general medical needs. to inquire about an inmate or visitation, call 386-496-6000.

The West Unit of the RMc is located at 8183 SW 152nd Loop in Lake Butler. It is under the supervision of the RMC and houses up to 1,148 adult male inmates. For more information, call 386-496-6002.

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Union County Sheriff's Office

As Sheriff, I want everyone to know that you may call upon us for any matter and rest assured that we will be at your service. Your concerns remain ours. As Union county grows, I will continue to remain in touch with changing trends in all civil and criminal matters, but moreover, family matters. I never will lose site of the fact that I am here for the citizens. Those of you who know me, know that being Sheriff is much more to me than just law enforcement. It’s about community and family. We are lucky to live in a place where life although difficult at times, weighs heavily, and it’s great to know that there is a solid bond between all people here. The legacy of this office in Union County has maintained that integrity and will continue to do so. The men and women of the Union County Sheriff’s Office and the community we serve will continue to be our top priority. I am always available anytime for citizens to come by and visit. My family and I look forward to working together with you now and in the future as we keep our community a model for all others to follow. Note: Comments posted to this page will be monitored and we reserve the right to edit for obscenities or inappropriate content
Union County Sheriff's Office
Union County Sheriff's Office added 5 new photos.3 days ago

Sheriff Brad Whitehead announced three more arrested in drug trafficking in Union County, FL. Today members of the Union County Sheriff’s Office Drug Task Force, as well as agents with the North Florida High Intensity Drug Trafficking Unit, arrested ERICK LAMAR DURANT, 43 years of age of Lake Butler, FL. Realizing the seriousness of the Florida’s Opioids addiction and those trafficking in illegal prescription meds, our agency continuing to make a strong stance against illegal drugs went after those selling prescriptions. This was another complexed investigation requiring many man hours and multiple units to capture and video illegal activity and obtain warrants for arrest of DURANT.

Opioids are a class of drugs that includes the illegal drug heroin, synthetic opioids such as fentanyl, and pain relievers available by prescription, such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine and many others. Every day more than 115 people in the United States die after overdosing on opioids. The misuse of and addiction to opioids is a very serious national crisis that affects public health and welfare.

ERICK LAMAR DURANT, 43 years of age of Lake Butler. DURANT was arrested on felony warrants for: 4 CTS of POSSESSION of Opioids (2nd Degree Felony), 3 CTS of Distribution (Selling) Opioids, 1 CT of Trafficking in Opioids (1st Degree Felony). Total Bond on those charges $115,000.00. He was also taken down today in the act of actively selling Opioids and possession of a firearm in the process. He will be charged with Armed Trafficking of Opioids and further charges of Possession of Opioids. Firearms were seized from him at the time of arrest. He will receive additional bond on these new charges at first appearance.

ANDREW WILLIAM WEBB, 34 years of age of Lake Butler. WEBB was arrested on felony warrants for: 1 CT POSSESSION of Opioids within 1,000 feet of a Public Park and 1 CT SELL of Opioids within 1,000 feet of a Public Park (both 1st Degree Felony Crimes). WEBB bond is $50,000.00.

TONY HERSHELL JENKINS, 35 years of age of Lake Butler. JENKINS was arrested on felony warrants for 2 CTS POSSESSION of Cocaine and 2 CTS SELL of Cocaine (all four charges 2nd Degree Felony Crimes). JENKINS bond is $100,000.00.

All three transported and housed in the Union County Jail.

All three arrested today after months of investigations into the illegal Opioids sell and possession in Union County. Sheriff Brad Whitehead states, “We stay Pro-Active and want to send a strong message that illegal drugs of any type will not be tolerated in Union County, FL.” We value our continued partnership with our communities to report all illegal activities. If you have a crime or drug tip to report feel free to contact our agency at 386-496-2501.
Union County Sheriff's Office
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Today, and always, we remember the ultimate sacrifice of Deputy Hal Croft and Deputy Ronald Jackson. Both were killed in the line of duty 57 years ago today while proudly serving the citizens of Union County! Their names are inscribed on our local memorial wall at the Union County Courthouse and at the State Memorial walls in Tallahassee, located at Florida Sheriff's Association building and another beautiful memorial at the State Capitol Building.

The National Law Enforcement Memorial states it appropriately that "It is not how these officers died that made them heroes, it is how they lived".

We continue to stay in close contact with their families and remember their ultimate sacrifice!

Thank you for your service!
Union County Sheriff's Office
Union County Sheriff's Office1 week ago
Graduation is a very exciting time for our community and especially our graduating Seniors and their families. It truly reminds us of how fast time flies and the precious memories we make along with way. Graduation is the outcome of years of hard work and accomplished goals.
We are very proud of our graduating senior class of 2018!

Reminding everyone to stay safe, make the right decisions and enjoy your graduation weekend.

Graduation is tonight 8:00PM at the Union County High School. Weather permitting it will be held on Tiger Field.

To our citizens, reminder that there will be heavy traffic throughout Union County with all the excitement of graduation. We will have increased patrol units at graduation and throughout the community all weekend.
Union County Sheriff's Office
Union County Sheriff's Office3 weeks ago
Yesterday, May 8th, our agency received warrants and arrested, Stephen Michael Dicks, 38 year old from Columbia County for the crime of Felony Burglary and Felony Larceny. He was arrested in Columbia County, processed in their jail and than transported to Union County Jail where during an interview he admitted to the crime. Dicks is the suspect seen in the video posted May 4th breaking into a vehicle.

Once again, thank you to the community for the many tips and leads in helping to solve this crime. We appreciate the outstanding community involvement in making our county a safe place. As the investigation continues potentially further suspects can be charged with their involvement with this crime.
Union County Sheriff's Office
Union County Sheriff's Office3 weeks ago
Help us solve this vehicle burglary in Union County, FL. on SR238 West.
Sheriff's Office units responded on Thursday, May 3rd to a report of a homeowner's vehicle burglary that occurred in the early morning hours. As you can see from the homeowner's video, it appears an unknown white male approaches the vehicle with a flashlight and unlawfully enters the vehicle removing personal property before fleeing the area.

Sheriff's Office units have canvased the area and spoke to many neighbors. We are currently working to enhance the video. We believe this suspect is local and known in the community. Help us to identify him and see justice served!

You may report any tips to the Union County Sheriff's Office at 386-496-2501 or you can remain anonymous by calling 1-866-845-TIPS (8477) and be eligible for a reward for solving this case. Please watch and share and continue to work together to bring this person to justice.
Union County Sheriff's Office
Union County Sheriff's Office
Union County Sheriff's Office4 weeks ago

Reminder to everyone attending PROM TONIGHT to stay safe and have a great night. Notice to everyone in UNION County to watch out for increased traffic as there will be many excited students throughout Union County preparing to travel to Alachua for their Junior-Senior Prom. You will see increased traffic around Lake Butler Lake and throughout the city between 5PM-7PM TONIGHT.

Sheriff Brad Whitehead wants to reminder everyone that destructive decisions can affect your life forever. We want everyone on the roads and at prom to have a great and enjoyable time, but with that reminding everyone to make GOOD DECISIONS. This means warnings against the use of alcohol, drugs or any destructive behaviors. In all the excitiement we want to remind everyone, especially our prom participants, to avoid any distracted driving. This means, do not text, answer phone calls or enything else that will remove your eyes from the road while driving.

We have numerous deputies attending PROM tonight in Alachua and extra on patrol throughout Union County in an effort to keep everyone safe!