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Wakulla County is located on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida’s Panhandle, south of Tallahassee. Founded in 1843, it remains a very rural county, with the only unincorporated county seat in Florida, the community  of Crawfordville. The total area is 736 square miles, almost 18% covered by water. As of the 2010 census, the population was 30,776. The county is named for Wakulla Springs, one of the world’s largest freshwater springs in terms of water flow and depth. The name Wakulla may come from a Timucuan Indian word meaning “spring of water” or “mysterious water”. The county was once one of the poorest in the state, but commercial fishing and the seafood industry have eased the problem in recent decades.

The Corrections Department of the Sheriff’s Office supervises the 350-bed Wakulla County Detention Center, located at 15 Oak Street, Crawfordville, Florida 32327. Video visitation is available daily; check the website for the schedule. For more information about visitation, jail regulations, or an individual inmate, call 850-745-7153.

The Florida Department of Corrections has two facilities in the county, Wakulla Correctional Institution and Wakulla Annex. Both are located at 110 Melaleuca Drive, Crawfordville, Florida 32327. Both facilities house adult males in close, medium, minimum, and work release custody.

Wakulla Correctional Institution, opened in 1996, became a Faith- and Character-Based Institution in 2005. The 1,397-bed facility offers extended chaplaincy services and institutional betterment programs. Vocational programs in the area of environmental services and computer software are also available. For more information, call the Institution at 850-410-1895.

The Wakulla Annex, which opened in 2008, has been a Faith- and Character-Based Institution since 2011. With a maximum capacity of 1,532, this prison offers many of the same services and programs as the Correctional Institution. In addition, it has vocational training in electrical, home improvement, drafting, and commercial driving. For more information, call the Annex at 850-617-9224.

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Wakulla County Jail Address: 15 OAK STREET CROWFORDVILLE FL 32327

Wakulla County Sheriff's Office Sheriff Jared Miller

No political comments can be accepted on this Wakulla County Sheriff's Office governmental page. Comments by the general public should not be seen as the views of the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office. Posted comments to the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office Facebook Page will be monitored and the Wakulla County Sheriffs Office reserves the right to remove any comment for any reason. Any comments posted, or submitted for posting, are subject to public disclosure and criminal investigation. Thank you. OUR MISSION The Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office will commit its resources in partnership with the community to: Promote a safe environment, free from crime and the fear of crime. Provide an optimum level of service to the citizens we serve. Practice our core values of integrity, respect, service, and fairness. INTEGRITY Integrity is the trademark of the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office. We are committed to the standard of excellence in our performance, ethical conduct, and truthfulness in all relationships. This sheriff’s office holds itself accountable for its actions and takes pride in a the highest professional level of service to our citizens and visitors. RESPECT The Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office treats all persons in a dignified and courteous manner. We model understanding of cultural and ethnic diversity, both in our professional and personal undertakings. SERVICE We provide quality service in a courteous and efficient manner. We pride ourselves in our accessibility to all of those who call upon us for assistance. FAIRNESS We are responsive to all people and treat all people impartially, with consideration, compassion and respect.
Wakulla County Sheriff's Office Sheriff Jared Miller
Wakulla County Sheriff's Office Sheriff Jared Miller40 ago
A Message from Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Management Division

We are offering Sandbags at the Sheriffs Office and have help standing by to assist.

Wakulla Emergency Management has been closely monitoring Subtropical Storm Alberto as it moves towards our area. At this time the main threat will be flooding caused by rainfall. The forecast is calling for approximately 4 inches of rain today through Thursday. This may cause some localized ponding and river flooding. Sand Bags will be available today at the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office for residents living in flood prone areas.

Coastal Flooding is forecast at 2 to 4 feet above sea level. At 2 to 4 feet of inundation we can expect the surge to cover Bottoms Road in Panacea, Mashes Sands Road in the area of Blue Crab Lane in Ochlochonee Bay and the low areas of Riverside Drive and Old Fort Road Areas in St. Marks.

This year’s Inundation values have changed from the inundation levels of last year where the forecast values were placed on top of high tide. This year the inundation values are above sea level. For example if your home’s base floor level is 2 feet in elevation and the forecast surge would be for 4 feet you could expect 2 feet of water in your home. I use this as an example and it should be noted that there are no known homes in Wakulla County with a base floor level at 2 feet.

Winds will also be a factor in this storm as we are forecast to receive gust above minimum tropical storm strength. High winds can cause power outages due to uprooted trees. At this time we only have a tropical storm warning in the coastal areas of Wakulla County. This means tropical storm force winds are only expected in the coastal areas.

In this situation we can use a simple rule of thumb, “Run from water and hide from wind” If you feel unsafe in your current location due to rising waters go to higher ground. If you feel unsafe due to the wind, move to an interior room in the structure.

Wakulla Emergency Management will continue to monitor this situation as it develops.
Wakulla County Sheriff's Office Sheriff Jared Miller
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Subtropical Storm Alberto has moved into the Gulf and continues its northward movement. Current forecasts have it making landfall near Alabama, although impacts are expected along the entire Gulf coast.

Heavy rainfall is still the highest hazard we face currently.

Currently Wakulla County has been placed under both a Storm Watch and a Coastal Flood Watch. It is key that we recognize that Wakulla County is on the most east edge of the Tropical Storm Watch area associated with Subtropical Storm Alberto. The Coastal Flood Watch is for a forecast surge 2 to 4 Feet about ground level. This will only affect some streets and roadways along the coast.

Wakulla County Emergency Management is continuing to monitor and will provide updates as the situation develops.
Wakulla County Sheriff's Office Sheriff Jared Miller
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Storm Update from Wakulla County Emergency Management

Subtropical Strom Alberto formed today in the Northwest Caribbean Sea. It is expected to move into the Southern Gulf of Mexico on Saturday. Alberto is expected to strengthen as it nears the Gulf Coast, the primary impact for Wakulla County is expected to be heavy rainfall, possibly resulting in flash flooding and riverine flooding along with minimal coastal flooding.

Currently, no watches or warnings are in effect for the US Gulf Coast.

The system is expected to move slowly and will approach the Gulf Coast late Sunday near the Mississippi/Alabama Coast. Rainfall predictions for our area have dropped to 3-4 inches accumulated from Saturday through Tuesday, with the heaviest rainfall being on Sunday. Storm surge potential for our coast is 2-4 feet, expected Sunday afternoon.

Wakulla County Emergency Management will continue to monitor the situation closely throughout the event.
Wakulla County Sheriff's Office Sheriff Jared Miller
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Since January 2017, the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) at the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office has utilized an Evidence-Based Policing Matrix developed by the Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy in the Department of Criminology, Law, and Society at George Mason University to initiate new crime reduction strategies in Wakulla County. As a result, one of the strategies utilized by CID involves the targeting of “micro-places” alleged to be involved in criminal activity. [NOTE: Micro-places are very small geographic locations such as a block, street, alley, intersection, or specific addresses.] In Wakulla County, these micro-places/“hot spots” are targeted by CID’s Narcotics Unit and Sheriff’s Enforcement Unit (SEU). The SEU is a sub-unit of the Narcotics Unit, and utilizes an unmarked vehicle outfitted with the equipment necessary to conduct traffic enforcement and to operate a drug detection K-9. Based on the “Koper Curve” Theory, SEU enforcement activity takes place at each “hot spot” for specific intervals. [NOTE: Studies have shown that the likelihood of crime or disorder occurring in a “hot spot” is reduced to 4% when utilizing this methodology and is an efficient use of police resources.]

The SEU had received multiple citizen complaints alleging drug activity at 5 Summer Lane in Wakulla County, Florida. The primary residence at that address is a double wide mobile home, but there are also two small campers on the property. The homeowner was identified as Carl Malcolm Cocroft. The SEU identified 5 Summer Lane as a “hot spot.”

On April 28, 2018, the SEU and a patrol deputy arrested Zane Cole Lucas for the possession of methamphetamine after a brief foot chase that ended at 5 Summer Lane. Mr. Lucas confirmed he was living in one of the campers at 5 Summer Lane. On May 1, 2018, the SEU conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that left 5 Summer Lane and arrested the driver, Lisa Marie Wells, for possession of methamphetamine with the intent to sell. Ms. Wells stated she lived in a camper at 5 Summer Lane. On May 3, 2018, the SEU conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle near Bloxham Cuttoff and Old Woodville Highway and arrested the passenger, Christina Hurly Pilgrim, with the possession of methamphetamine. Ms. Pilgrim stated she lived in a camper at 5 Summer Lane.

During May 2018, the SEU developed probable cause to believe there was methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia at 5 Summer Lane and obtained a search warrant to search the property. On May 25, 2018, the search warrant was executed and Carl Cocroft, Gerald Middleton, Amy Richardson, Christina Pilgrim, and Zane Lucas were present in either the main residence or one of the campers. Small quantities of methamphetamine, heroin, and marijuana; as well as drug smoking devices and needles were located and seized.

The following persons were arrested and booked into the Wakulla County Jail on the following charges:
•Carl Cocroft - Maintaining a Drug Dwelling; Possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia;
•Gerald Middleton - Possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia;
•Amy Richardson - Possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia;
•Christina Pilgrim - Possession of methamphetamine, possession of heroin, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana; and
•Zane Lucas - Possession of methamphetamine, possession of heroin, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana.
Wakulla County Sheriff's Office Sheriff Jared Miller
Wakulla County Sheriff's Office Sheriff Jared Miller2 days ago
Congratulations to one our Sheriff’s Office Explorers Dimonte Riles 2018 WHS Graduate.

He is the son of Kay Riles Bronson and stepdad Samuel Brinson.and father Willie Lindsey. Dimonte joined the Sheriff’s Explorer Program in 9th grade because he decided he wanted a career in law enforcement. After 2 years in the program he was promoted to Lieutenant of the program for his outstanding effort and commitment. Feeling the need to help out his community even more he joined the Wakulla County Fire & Rescue where he received a certificate for his outstanding driving performance in the Evoc course and completing his ics-100. Ics-700. S-130. S-190. He is now working on furthering his career in fire rescue and law enforcement

His parents and the Sheriff’s Office are very proud of him. Keep up the good work Dimonte and congratulations!
Wakulla County Sheriff's Office Sheriff Jared Miller
Wakulla County Sheriff's Office Sheriff Jared Miller4 days ago
On May 22, 2018, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) released the 2017 Uniform Crime Report (UCR). The UCR provided crime statistics for the entire State of Florida, but also listed individual statistics by county. The 2017 UCR enumerated the number of Index Crimes committed in Wakulla County, the percentage of those crimes which were solved (cleared) in Wakulla County, and provided the information for both 2016 and 2017 to facilitate comparisons. Index Crimes include Murder, Rape, Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Burglary, Larceny, and Motor Vehicle Theft. The clearance rate measures how well agencies solve Index Crimes.

According to the 2017 UCR prepared by FDLE, the number of Index Crimes committed in Wakulla County increased from 556 in 2016 to 596 in 2017. The Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office investigated 595 of those Index Crimes and the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) investigated 1. The Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office solved 31.9% of the Index Crimes it investigated and the FHP solved the Index Crime it investigated, providing a clearance rate of 100%. Overall, Wakulla County had a clearance rate of 32.0% during 2017, which was an improvement of 4.5% over the 27.5% clearance rate experienced during 2016. Therefore, more Index Crimes were committed in Wakulla County during 2017 than 2016; and more of those crimes were solved (cleared) in 2017 than were solved in 2016.

The entire State of Florida experienced a reduction in the number of Index Crimes committed throughout the state.